The significance of the
transatlantic slave trade

The forced exodus of 10-12 million African people over the 300-year period of the transatlantic slave trade is one of the ugliest and least understood periods in global history

The USI resources provide teachers and educators with museum collections to support effective teaching about the slave trade as it relates to West Africa, Britain and the Caribbean

Introduction Acorn ship painting Introductory Power-point presentation, key historical facts and individuals, guidance on use of artefacts and FAQs about using this website

Issues to consider Slave auction drawing Information on the sensitive content and context of this history; notes on use of terminology; a glossary and information from the Understanding Slavery research work and evaluation documents

Teaching approaches Abolition medal Suggested ways to teach the subject using different learning styles

Teaching tools Surgeon's Box Notes on how to use the My teaching folder, National Curriculum links, ideas for schemes of work, and references and links to other print and digital resources