The artefacts have been selected from the museums' collections and include descriptions of each object and image, and the accession number or location for further research.

Triangular Trade

Understand how the demand for luxury goods and the Industrial Revolution fuelled the transatlantic slave trade, and how the British economic power base enabled the trade in people to continue

'African Hospitality' Beads Box, possibly for tobacco Captured Africans Marched to the coast in a coffle Carved wooden figure Cowrie shells 'Daru' off Elmina Castle Glass bottle Musket Portrait of Sir John Hawkins, (1532 - 95) Scene on the Coast of Africa Sugar loaf Sugar nippers The slave trade Yoke


Understand how the transatlantic slave trade shifted notions of race and cultural identity, fuelled racism and inequality, and normalized notions of superiority amongst Europeans

'A Negro Festival... in the Island of St. Vincent' Bance Island, Sierra Leone Carved wooden figure De New Year Racist advert for Pear's soap 'Slavery in Zanzibar', about 1890 Sugar-cane cutters in Jamaica, Caribbean