Cowrie Shell Belt



The Zong

tn_mss_76_027_0On 19 March 1783, the African Olaudah Equiano called on anti-slavery campaigner Granville Sharp (see Campaign for abolition) with news of an event. Read more...


tn_wilberforceThe city of Kingston upon Hull has a centuries-old sea-faring commercial history, but its location on the east coast of England ensured that its commerce was shaped by maritime links to Europe. Read more...


tn_commemorativecoinBristol continued its involvement in the slave trade until abolition but in decreasing numbers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Read more...


tn_pla_75_s1Although London would eventually be eclipsed by Bristol and Liverpool as a slave-trading port, its involvement in the trade was both longer...Read more..


tn_georgianhouse_libraryWhen the Royal African Company was founded in 1672, it was given a monopoly over the British slave trade. Read more..