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The pro-slavery and the anti-slavery campaigns

Britain went from being the most active slave-trading country at the turn of the 19th century to showing the most vehement opposition in only a few generations. Factors that pushed Britain to turn against slavery were many - economic, revolutionary, political, social, and religious. The history of abolition by the British - first of the slave trade and then of slavery - involved the campaigning efforts of key individuals and the mobilization of the masses.

Background information

The background information provides an overview of abolition and the key abolitionists and anti-abolitionists. The chronology of events leading up to the end of the British slave trade in 1807 is explained, as well as the role that women played in abolition.

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Abolition (1)
    Students are tasked with finding out about the tactics the anti-slavery movement employed in mobilizing mass public opinion.

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