The African people who were enslaved resisted the system of slavery, from the moment of capture to life on the plantations. Resistance took on many forms, from retaining aspects of their cultures and identities to escape and plotting uprisings to overthrow the plantocracy. The most successful uprising was the revolution in St Domingue, which led to Haiti becoming the first independent republic outside Africa. Revolts and rebellions played a significant part in abolition and emancipation.

Background information

The background information provides an overview of resistance and rebellion on ships as well as on the plantations. The brutal punishments that were administered to those who tried to escape - but failed - are documented as well as accounts of non-violent resistance, subversive action on plantations and rebellions.

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Resistance & Rebellion (1 of 2)
    Runaway slaves

Resistance & Rebellion (2 of 2)
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